Chalkboard Kidz™ Mobile App Support Page
Chalkboard Kidz™ is designed to teach kids the fundamentals of basic financial literacy. With the Chalkbaord Kidz™ app children of all ages can begin to gain an understanding of valuable money matters.
Chalkboard Kidz™
Splash screen
Welcome Screen

After opening the application on your smartphone, simply click the “Start" button to begin.
Instructions screen
Menu Screen

The menu screen offers you choices of several classrooms. To begin a classroom, just click the appropriate button. To check your quiz scores, tap "Check Scores" at the bottom of this screen. However, you must complete at least one quiz before you can access your saved scores.
Classroom Welcome Screen

Once you begin any of the classroom scenarios, you’ll be greeted with a brief introduction by the Professor and his lovely assistant.
Instruction Screen

After the classroom introduction, you will automatically be taken into the classroom lecture.
Listen carefully! There is a test at the end!

You can pause the instruction at any time by tapping the "pause" button.

Go back one screen by tapping the "back" button.

Go forward one screen by tapping the "next" button.

Go home at any time by tapping the "home" button.
Go Home Screen

Tapping the home button will give you the option of exiting the class. If you've tapped the "home" button by mistake you can go back to the classroom by tapping "cancel". Tap "Go Home" to confirm your decision and exit the classroom module.
End Screen

Upon completing the classroom, you’ll be given the opportunity to replay the classroom, take the corresponding quiz, or go home. Tap the appropriate button to confirm your choice.
Take the Quiz Confirm Screen

Opting to take the quiz will bring you to this screen. Tap the “start” button to begin the quiz, or "home screen" to exit back to the main menu.
Quiz Screen

During the quiz you will see questions relating to the subject you just studied. Do your best to answer the question by first tapping on the answer box that you think is right. When you tap, your answer box will be filled with a checkmark. Then tap the "next" button at the bottom of the screen to go to the next question. If you change your mind, just tap a different answer box before you tap "next".
Quiz Results Screen

After you’ve finished a quiz you will be shown your score. You can then choose to go back to the home screen by tapping "Home Screen" or you can take the quiz again by tapping the "Try Again" button if you've gotten a low score.
Quiz Results Summary Screen

If you tap the "Check Scores" button from the home screen you will be shown the results of all your quiz scores. To take a quiz over again, tap the home button on the bottom of the screen and go through the classroom lecture again.
Download Chalkboard Kidz™:
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Available now for iPhone at the Apple iTunes Store.

Cost: Free
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