The Envelope System Mobile App Support Page
The Envelope system is a smartphone app that makes it easy to make sure that you run out of month before you run out of money. By categorizing your money into five different envelopes at the beginning of each month, you can assure that you’ll know exactly how much you have left to spend in every area of your finances. Once you are out of money, no more spending! That's how your grandparents used to do it. With the envelope system, you’ll never overspend again!
The Envelope System
Splash Screen
Splash screen
After opening the application on your smartphone, simply click the "play" button to begin.
Welcome Screen
Instructions screen
After clicking the "play" button, you’ll be greeted by the Safari Guide. Tap the "begin" button at any time to proceed to the next screen.
Instructions #1 Screen
Fern will greet you at the next screen with instructions on how to get started using the mobile version of the Envelope System.
Envelope Set-up Screen
After those brief instructions, you’ll be taken to the envelope set-up screen. Start off by setting budget amounts for each of the five envelopes. Tap an envelope to proceed.
Number Wheel for Envelope Set-up
Once you’ve tapped an envelope, the number wheel will appear. Spin the wheel until you arrive at the amount you would like assigned to the selected envelope. When the correct amount is highlighted, click the "ok" button to dismiss the wheel and return to the previous screen.
Envelope Set-up Screen
Repeat the previous step by tapping and entering budget amounts for the remaining envelopes. If you’ve made any mistakes or wish to edit any of your entries before continuing, simply re-tap the envelope that you’d like to reset. Click "done" when you are satisfied with your entries.
Instructions #2 Screen
You’ll again be greeted by Fern at this point, who will instruct you on how to remove money from your envelopes as the month progresses.
Envelope System Screen
To remove money from your envelopes as you make purchases, simply tap on the envelope from the category for which you spent. For example, if you buy groceries, tap on the "Food" envelope to make the money deduct panel appear.
Deduction Screen
After tapping an envelope, the money deduct panel will appear below the envelopes on the screen. Let's say you've spent $150 on groceries. Tap the bills in the deduct panel until you arrive at $150. To the left of the envelopes is a counter that will keep track of the amount you have tapped on. So, to deduct $150, tap on the $100 bill one time and then on the $50 bill one time. Then tap the "deduct" button on the right side of the panel.
Deduction Screen After Making Deductions
After you’ve tapped the "deduct" button, the amount is removed from your selected envelope. In this case, you can see that $150 has been removed from the "food" envelope. Tap the "done with entries" button once you have finished making your entries for the day.
Finish Warning
Upon completion of your entries, a warning panel will appear asking if you are done. If so, then tap the "I'm done" button. If you need to make more entries, tap the "more entries" button to continue making deductions from your envelopes.
Summary Screen
When you are done for the day Fern will appear to congratulate you on a job well done. At this point you can quit out of the app by tapping your phones home button, or you can continue to make new entries by tapping the "replay" button.
Welcome Back Screen
You can pick up where you left off on your next visit by tapping the "continue with current session" button. If you wish to start over, you can tap the "start new session" button, but all previous data will be lost. The envelope system will recycle itself every thirty days.
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Available now for iPhone at the Apple iTunes Store.

Cost: Free
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