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Welcome to the sun-kissed sands of Fool’s Gold Shores, where you can uncover the long-term effects of your spending habits. If you spend this much on “x” per month, how much will it cost over the course of a year? Five years? Read on for a brief tutorial….
Fools Gold Shores
Welcome Screen
Splash screen
To get started, simply click the play button after opening up the application on your iPhone.
Instructions Screen
Instructions screen
Upon your arrival in Fool’s Gold Shores, you’ll be greeted with some brief instructions from our first mate. Tap the “play” button at any time to proceed to the next screen
Play Screen
Each shimmering jewel corresponds to an area of spending within your finances. Tap on any gem to highlight the category of spending, and drag it over to the bucket to bring up the data spending entry screen.
Spending Data Entry Screen
After dropping the jewel into the bucket, the data entry screen will appear. For whichever category you’ve selected, tap the box next to the dollar sign ($) to bring up the money wheel, which you will use to enter a dollar amount for that particular category.
Number Picker
When the money wheel appears, spin it to select the dollar amount that you would like to enter for that category. When the correct amount on the wheel is highlighted, tap the “ok” button at the bottom of the screen. After the wheel disappears, choose “weekly” or “monthly” by tapping the corresponding buttons and then tap the square “ok” button at the right to finalize the entry. Continue dropping gems in the bucket until you are finished.
Totals for a Year Summary Screen
The summary screen appears once you’ve finished making your entries. This is where you’ll learn approximately how much you will spend in each category over a year’s time at your current pace.
Five Year Summary Screen
Once our captain concludes his dialogue, he’ll show you how much you’ll spend on all the combined categories over the course of both a one year and five year period. You’ll be shocked at how quickly small spending sums up to big dollars.
Web Page
At the conclusion, you can tap “play again” to give it another go, or tap the url address to be taken directly to The Frugality Game website.
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Cost: Free
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