Track Your Spending Mobile App Support Page
Track Your Spending (TYS) is a smartphone app that makes it easy to keep track of the money you spend on a daily basis, right down to the last penny! Read on for a brief tutorial.
Track Your Spending
Welcome Screen
Splash screen
After opening the application on your smartphone, simply click the “play" button to begin.
Instructions Screen
Instructions screen
After clicking the “play” button, you’ll be greeted with some brief instructions by the Captain. Tap the “play” button at any time to proceed to the next screen.
Main Screen
After the Captain’s instructions, you’ll have the option of either adding a new entry to your spending list, or view a list of all your previous entries. Click the “add new entry” button to access the data entry screen or “view existing entries” to access your list. To clear your previous entries list, tap the “start over” button. You will be cautioned that all your previously entered data will be lost if you proceed. Tap the cancel button to go back and keep your previous entries saved.
Data Entry Screen
After tapping “add new entry”, you’ll be taken to the data entry screen. The first step is to enter the name of the item or items you have purchased. Click the “done” button when you are finished.
Number Picker
When the money wheel appears, spin it to select the dollar amount that you would like to enter for your entry. When the correct amount on the wheel is highlighted, tap the “ok” button at the bottom of the screen.
Summary Screen
After you’ve finished making your entry, you’ll be taken to the summary screen, where you can see the complete list of items that you’ve purchased, how much you spent, and what date the item was purchased. If you’ve entered in an item by mistake, tap the “edit” button and then select the item you want to delete. Tap “done” once you are satisfied. You can then make another entry or exit the application.
Download Track Your Spending:
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Available now for iPhone at the Apple iTunes Store.

Cost: Free
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